Blockchain technologies are an essential part of ‘owning’ a product or asset since it provides ‘technological and decentralized’ ownership. Therefore, we are going to take advantage of the ‘decentralized ownership’ for all users when they are to have all sorts of NFTs or Avatars or any other virtual/digital product.

There will be 3 main applications in the Gaming space of METAPERA

METAPERA Peditor: The Peditor will be the game editor where users will be able to create, edit and customize their game assets in METAPERA.

REITCITY Marketplace: The central city in METAPERA, REITCITY will be the marketplace for all gamers and socializers. All kinds of digital and virtual assets, products and services will be available in this ultimate marketplace. Users will be able to upload, customize and sell their digital products or assets in this place.

METAPERA Gamitor: The actual gaming application where users will be able to make the best out of their virtual property and all the digital assets and products they own. We want all users to have an incredible experience while they are in METAPERA, therefore the Gamitor will be designed to best meet this need.

We want users to be able to socialize the best they can, have fun decorating and shaping the virtual land (PERA) they own, socialize with the other users and play games with them, and of course, benefit from the massive economic activity that will arise through these activities the best they can.